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Canada Permanent Residency

Canada PR

Canada is the homeland of equality, justice, and tolerance. If being Canadian is your desire. Here we guide you along the right path for the relocation process.
The relocation process is difficult as various processes must be completed to properly apply for and be authorized for Canada relocation. Achintya is the best service provider in Delhi, and our ultimate aim is to make the process of applying for Canada as simple as possible for our customers. Our expertly trained team is here with best practices to provide top-class services with the ultimate aim of achieving a large number of Canada Transfer successes.

Why move to Canada?

Canada has always been a popular destination around the world. People are attracted to Canada because of its rich life with more professional prospects, social security, better education systems, world-class medical systems, and secure future. It has one of the most favorable and beneficial policies in the world. Here are some reasons why you might consider relocating to Canada.

How to move to Canada?

Relocating to Canada is possible in the following ways:
The Federal Skilled Program is a popular route to relocate from India to Canada. It provides freedom to travel and work anywhere in Canada. It is now turning the program toward the Canadian economy to be more efficient. This would encourage young people to participate in Canada’s labor pool for a longer period. Language proficiency has been given priority in the new system as it is an important factor.
The most important step in the new system is to have your academic credentials assessed by a specialized assessment agency. Candidates with neutral and positive verification advice can file for Canada.
A new classification has been introduced for federal skilled trade that is planned to complement the provisional requirements of the Canadian labor pool. Candidates must have at least 1-year job offer to qualify for this new scheme. Another route to Canada is through provincial sponsorship. Different provinces run different sponsorship programs.

How many points are required for Canada PR?

Canada’s Express Entry system requires 67 points to be scored to be able to create an Express Entry profile with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

PR Points Calculation

Your immigration to Canada as a permanent resident through the express entry system will be greatly influenced by your profile. Points required to file for a Canadian permanent residency through Express Entry include the eligibility requirement which is 67 points out of 100. To apply for Canada PR Visa through Express Entry you will need to score at least 67 under various eligibility criteria. Your application will be assessed on a points-based system based on the following 6 factors:-

Age – Maximum 12 marks

Marks will be given to the applicants according to their age. They can get a maximum of 12 marks. Age is calculated from the day your application is received.

Education – Maximum 25 marks

You can get up to 25 Canada Immigration Points for your education. If you have an education abroad then you must have an ECA report from an authorized agency. The Educational Credential Assessment Report assesses whether your overseas degree/diploma is at par with a Canadian education.

Experience – Maximum 15 marks

Canada immigration points will also be charged for your work experience. You can score points for the number of years you worked full-time and have at least 30 hours weekly. An equal amount of part-time work is also eligible. You can get a maximum score of 15 for this factor, as quoted by Canada

Language Skills – Maximum 28 Marks

Knowledge of English and/or French will help you enter the Canadian job market. You can get a maximum of 28 points for your language skills assessed for writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

Systematic employment in Canada – up to 10 points

You can also get Canada Immigration Points for a minimum 1-year job offer as an employer in Canada. You must receive this offer before you can apply to arrive in Canada as a federal skilled worker.

Compatibility – Maximum 10 points

You will be awarded points based on your previous studies, work, and relatives in Canada. Your common-law partner or spouse may also receive additional points under the adaptability factor if immigrating to Canada with you.
IRCC conducts draws from the Express Entry Pool from time to time. It is the highest rank based on their score on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which is issued by invitation to apply under Express Entry.
The minimum CRS cutoff varies. Candidate factors like age, work experience, adaptability, etc. determine your CRS score. If your CRS is low, there are several ways to improve your score.

Ways to improve your CRS score

The Express Entry draw is conducted at regular intervals, so you always have a chance to improve your CRS score.
You can always find ways to improve your CRS score so that you get the points you need to secure an Invitation to Apply for PR Visa (ITA) in the next Express Entry draw.

Here are some ways to improve your CRS score

Increase your language score: If you score well on language tests like IELTS, your CRS score will improve. For example, on a language test, if you score a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 9, you will receive 136 direct points added to your CRS ranking. Appearing in the French language test can also add up to 72 marks.
Provincial Nominee Program: If you receive an invitation, you will receive an additional 600 points for your Express Entry profile.
Receive a Work Offer [LMIA Approved]: If you receive a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) accredited work offer from an employer in Canada, you can add up to 200 points to your CRS ranking.
Get an education in Canada: 30 additional points can be obtained if you complete an accredited degree or diploma in Canada.
Dependents [spouse/common-law partner] involved in the application: You both will get additional points when you apply for the visa with your spouse. Your spouse’s language proficiency will be worth 20 points, while your education level and Canadian work experience can earn you up to 10 points for each category. So, it will add up to 40 points to your CRS score.

Canadian work experience

Important aspects of any program, whether federal or PNP, are:
The job offer in hand can be an added advantage.

How Express Entry works